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Christopher High School

image #2 image #3 image #4 image #5 image #6 image #7 image #8 image #9 image #10 Location:
Gilroy, CA

Gilroy Unified School District

BCA Architects

Thornton Tomasetti

Phase 1 Gilbane , Phase 2 Swinerton Builders

Project Highlights:
Multiple mix design colors in one panel
Simulated Stone form liner with post applied stain

Precast Products:
Architectural Precast and GFRC Column Covers for Phase I
Architectural Precast and GFRC for Colonnade Entrances for Phase II

Article from: PCI West Precast Persepecives Spring 2013 Edition

Architectural Precast Durability is the Key   

BCA Architects was selected in 2006 as the architects for the new Christopher High School in Gilroy, CA.  There were several key factors that BCA utilized in the design of this second high school in Gilroy.  One of the most important factors was the durability of the facility.  After an extensive life cycle cost analysis prepared by BCA that evaluated various “skin” systems for the new school, the decision was made to utilize an integral color pre-cast concrete panel system based on a number of factors including:

  • Durability of pre-cast concrete panels – in an institutional environment such as a high school, it is critically important to design an exterior skin system that can withstand the test of time that students impose on the structure including the ability to quickly and easily remove graffiti.
  • The aesthetics of pre-cast concrete panels allowed BCA to create an environment that challenged the students to excel at their academics, therefore increasing the Academic Performance Index (API) scores of the School.
  • Although the upfront cost of pre-cast concrete panels was higher than other finishes, including stucco, the “payback period” (stucco needs to be regularly painted) pre-cast concrete will save the District millions of dollars over the life of the facility by significantly reducing their deferred maintenance costs.

Ultimately, BCA’s decision to utilize pre-cast concrete panel systems was supported by the Board of Trustees and the District Administration - the students of Christopher High School have respected and taken care of their new school – to date, the API scores have significantly increased and there have been no incidents of graffiti.

Paul Bunton, AIA
BCA Architects
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