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Centerra Apartments

image #2 image #3 image #4 image #5 image #6 image #7 image #8 image #9 Location:
San Jose, CA

Simeon Residential Properties

Barry Swenson Architectural

Nishkian Menninger

General Contractor:
Barry Swenson Builders

Project Highlights:
-Architectural Precast

Precast Products:
Architectural Precast Column Covers and Spandrals, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Column Covers and Spandrels

Article from: PCI West Precast Perspectives Summer 2016 Edition

Is it Glass Fiber Re-inforced Concrete?  Precast?  Limestone?  Brick?  The Centerra Apartment project just completed in downtown San Jose is all of the above.  I am often asked: Is it possible to use a combination of Architectural Precast and GFRC on the same project?  Can you adhere limestone, granite, or thin brick to precast and GFRC?  Can you achieve a similar look with form liners?  The answer to all of those questions is – Yes!  In many cases these design options may be less expensive than the alternative of hand-setting Stone and Brick at the jobsite.  In all cases, the project will benefit from the durability, water tightness, and the speed with which Architectural Precast can be installed.  The fact that all of these materials can be produced and installed by one subcontractor, and without any scaffolding, will amount to time and cost savings to the overall project.  This 21 story housing project included tenant parking and retail space in the lower podium.  The ground floor base consisted of real wire cut clay brick with precast back-up and Limestone with precast back-up.  The upper tower consisted of custom white and gray colored GFRC, and Red colored GFRC cast in a wire cut clay brick form liner.  If you are designing a project with any type of material, contact Willis Construction to find out if your project can be built with an Architectural Precast or GFRC façade.


Willis Construction is one of the leading Architectural Precast Concrete manufacturers and installers in the Western United States. We are dedicated to providing Owners, Architects, and General Contractors with the design and engineering expertise necessary to meet the building challenges of today and the future. The quality, durability, and long life of Architectural Precast Concrete, Thinshell, and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) systems provide a wide range of design options for virtually every type of building. Contact us to decide which system would be best suited for your next project.

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Willis Construction, San Juan Bautista, CA: We are Precast Concrete and GFRC Specialists Willis Construction has been providing Architectural Precast Concrete building panels and products to the construction industry since 1979. Willis Construction has consistently risen to meet the changing and challenging needs of the construction industry with innovative and creative precast concrete design solutions. We have had the opportunity to work with excellent Owners, Contractors, Architects and Engineers. We are qualified, competent, competitive, enjoy our work, and are good team members for any project. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


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